July 24, 2024

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

Experience Two Atmospheric Post-Apocalyptic Shooters in Metro Redux Bundle

Metro Redux Bundle PC combines the most immersive first-person shooters from developer 4A Games – Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novels, these post-apocalyptic shooters drop players into the irradiated ruins of Moscow’s metro system after a nuclear war, where remnants of humanity struggle to survive against horrors like giant mutated bats, hostile human factions, and supernatural anomalies.

With the Redux versions, 4A Games gives the graphics and gameplay of both titles a major overhaul. The latest lighting methods, deeper textures and models, enhanced animations, and 4K resolution capabilities improve graphics. The gameplay also gets improved with better shooting mechanics and stealth options. The bundle includes all previously released DLC for both games as well.

Metro Redux Bundle PC’s Latest Version mixes FPS and survival horror. Fans of atmospheric, story-driven FPS games will enjoy hundreds of hours of tense fighting in two gripping single-player scenarios. This bundle is the best way to experience 4A Games’ horrific post-nuclear Moscow in a horror and combat simulator.

Tense Shooting and Stealth in the Metro Redux Bundle PC Game

Gameplay in the Metro games is built around tense first-person shooting and stealth mechanics as players navigate the dark, terrifying tunnels of the Moscow metro system. Resources like ammo and weapon parts are scarce, so you must scavenge and conserve supplies. The grimy, claustrophobic levels are filled with human and mutant enemies that react to your actions. Stealthily sneaking through zones and avoiding combat when possible is important.

When fighting is unavoidable, the shooting carries a brutal, up-close feeling. Guns have a real sense of power and kick to them. You can customize weapons with various sights and attachments that alter firing modes. Shooting feels very tactical, with ammo counts and reload times requiring thoughtful action. Wandering monsters can hear gunfire, so quieter weapons like crossbows are useful when avoiding detection.

The metro tunnels are like a labyrinth because there are many ways to get around, detours, and secret spots. Careful navigation and close attention to your map and compass are needed to avoid getting lost on the meandering roads. Numerous obstacles and hazards could obstruct your path, requiring you to manipulate the surroundings to move forward. The dim, cramped passageways enhance the creepy atmosphere.

While combat is a constant threat, the Metro Redux Bundle PC games use a carefully paced mix of action and slower exploration. Investing time in such places frequently reveals useful supplies and side stories that add dimension to the diverse world.

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

Characters ForĀ  Metro Redux Bundle PC Game

Players take on Artyom’s role in Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. He is a young resident of the Moscow metro system, trying to make his way in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world. During this journey, Artyom encounters a variety of complex companions and adversaries.

Some of the Memorable Allies that Aid Artyom Include

  • Khan: A wise mystic who often provides guidance and advice to Artyom. He encourages reflecting on past mistakes to forge a better future.
  • Pavel: A daring Red Line Ranger who joins Artyom in several daring missions, bringing camaraderie and good humor.
  • Anna: A headstrong sniper fighting for the Polis Rangers that watches over Artyom. She acts as a love interest.

Fearsome Enemies Include

  • Demons: Supernatural beasts that haunt certain zones and can kill Artyom with a glance.
  • Communists: Rigid soldiers that want to destroy the Nazis and control the metro redux ps4.
  • Nosalises: Hulking mutated beasts that live in the tunnels and violently attack humans.
  • The Dark Ones: Strange psychic creatures that can manipulate minds. Their motives are unclear.

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

Some Popular Metro Gameplay Mods Include

  • Metro 2033 Redux Faction Mod: Adds new playable factions like the Reich and Polis Rangers with unique gear and abilities.
  • Metro UI Overhaul: Provides new UI elements like an improved HUD and menu system.
  • Metro Exodus Weapon Mod: Ports over guns from Metro Exodus to expand your arsenal.
  • Realistic Weapon Damage: Increases lethality of weapons for more challenging combat.

For Enhancing Immersion, Atmospheric Mods like these are Available:

  • Darker Nights: Makes traveling the metro redux torrent at night even more terrifying.
  • Metro Overhaul Mod: Improves textures, weather effects, lighting, and more for gorgeous visuals.
  • Realistic Flashlight: Reworks light beams from your flashlight and headlamp to be more natural.

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

What’s Updates In Metro Redux Bundle PC?

  • 4K Resolution Support: With a 4K monitor, you can experience Metro at 3840 x 2160p resolution with full ultra HD fidelity.
  • Improved Lighting: Lighting effects are upgraded with advanced technologies like volumetric lighting, generating more atmospheric environments.
  • Upgraded Textures/Materials: Many textures have been overhauled for extra detail, while surfaces like metal and glass have more realistic properties.
  • Enhanced Particle Effects: Sparks, smoke, fire, and other particles look more vivid and react more naturally to their surroundings.
  • Improved Animations: Characters and creatures move more fluidly and realistically with enhanced animations. Facial animations are also improved.
  • Gameplay Enhancements: The weapon selection system is refined for quicker swapping. Stealth and action pacing are also rebalanced for smoother gameplay.
  • New Game Modes: Play styles are customizable with new game modes like Survivor (limited HUD/ammo) and Spartan (focused on action).
  • Integrated DLC: All previously released DLC packs are built into the Redux versions.

Minimum System Requirements to Play the Metro Redux Bundle PC

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 or AMD Phenom II X4 955
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 480 or AMD Radeon HD 5870
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Minimum GPU memory 1 GB. The bundle contains both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux.

Metro Redux Bundle PC Download Free Game Full Version

Some key Notes on the Requirements

  • A quad-core CPU from Intel or AMD is recommended to handle the enhanced physics and AI.
  • At least 4GB of RAM is needed to power the high-res textures and lighting effects.
  • A DirectX 11 compatible video card with 1GB VRAM or higher, like a GTX 480 or Radeon HD 5870.
  • INSTALLING BOTH REDUX VERSIONS REQUIRES 10GB of free hard drive space.